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NATURALS cork flooring is produced from natural cork and takes advantage of all the waste resulting from the industrial transformation of cork. Cork production is a responsible practice, without any trees being cut down, with minimal impact on the environment, conserving biodiversity and the integrity of ecosystems. NATURALS cork flooring, with over 80% natural raw materials (cork and wood) and over 35% recycled content, is sustainable, environmentally responsible and contributes to the conservation and protection of forests. They contain no PVC, plasticizers or other substances hazardous to health or the environment.


NATURALS floors are available in two types of construction: floating with a mechanical attachment (dimension 910x300x10.5 mm) or glued directly to the floor (dimension 600x300x4 mm). With a wide variety of textures and organic tones, NATURALS floors are naturally elegant, quiet and comfortable, yet easy to maintain, wear-resistant and environmentally friendly; the perfect solution for creating cozy interior decorating styles, from modern to traditional. With several emissions certifications and hypoallergenic, NATURALS cork floors contribute to a safer indoor environment.


With a wide variety of natural textures and colors, the NATURALS range provides the perfect solution for creating unique and attractive decor styles, from modern to traditional, always with the comfort of cork. Easy and quick to install, NATURALS cork flooring is perfect for new construction or renovation, in residential or light commercial applications, bringing the warmth and natural comfort of cork to your environment.

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