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Empresa: Granorte


Granorte develops and produces sustainable and environmentally responsible coatings that contribute to the conservation and protection of forests. RECOLOUR cork floors are passionately produced from natural cork and inspired by nature. Cork harvesting, carried out every nine years without any tree being cut, is a responsible practice, with minimal impact on the environment, conserving biodiversity and the integrity of ecosystems. Recolour cork floating floors contain over 80% natural raw materials (cork and wood) and 35% recycled content. They do not contain PVC, plasticizers or other substances hazardous to health or the environment. FSC® certified products are available upon request.


The use of a multilayer structure that combines technology with the exclusive characteristics of cork allows to guarantee RECOLOUR floating floors a series of unique characteristics. In addition to ensuring high thermal and acoustic insulation, they stand out for their ease of application (uniclic®) and cleaning, extreme resistance to wear, water and stains. They do not absorb dust, do not cause allergies and are resistant to bacteria and fungi due to the exclusive inhibitory protection of Microban® microorganisms. The perfect combination of sustainability, comfort, hygiene and durability.


The variety of colors, from neutral to vivid, and their high performance, provide an exceptional basis for creative design in renovation or new construction. RECOLOUR floors can be used in residential or commercial applications and have a lifetime structural warranty and wear warranty of 15 years for homes and 5 years for commercial areas.

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