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WABI is a wall covering made entirely of natural cork, using various types of by-products from the cork industry and forest, for a truly sustainable result. Cork is a material for interior coverings that is more relevant today than ever before, but with the WABI collection we have also demonstrated that choosing natural and sustainable materials need not be a limiting factor for creativity and design, and it is possible to bring the warmth and calming influence of natural finishes to walls in an elegant way. WABI flooring is made from over 90% cork, a renewable raw material and a benchmark in terms of ecology and environmental sustainability. It contains no PVC, plasticizers, solvents or other substances hazardous to health or the environment.


WABI flooring comes in a palette of 14 colors, from pastel shades to rich, deep tones, in 4 natural cork textures. Each texture-color combination of the product reflects the universe of nature’s landscape (the sea, the earth, the sky, the water, the forest…), creating a parallel between the interior space and nature. It is available in 900x300x4 mm boards treated with Corkguard®, a matt, water-based finish that guarantees long-lasting natural beauty. Maintaining the original characteristics of cork, WABI flooring is light, flexible and odorless, increases thermal and acoustic comfort, is safe, easy to install and clean, and is a natural, biodegradable and recyclable product.


WABI is inspired by the Japanese philosophy of appreciating the beauty to be found in nature’s imperfect creations. Entirely made from recycled natural cork, the application of WABI on residential or commercial walls provides calm and elegant interiors.

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