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Sheet metal cable trays

Empresa: OBO Bettermann


By opting for electricity production from renewable sources, OBO reduced CO2 emissions by about 9,800 tons! OBO has revolutionized modern cable path hair with the new KTS Magic products. Through the DUO-Plus manufacturing process, approximately 2,600 tonnes of CO2 are emitted less in production than in standard processes. It means that OBO cable path systems not only have more load carrying capacity and are easy to install, but are also environmentally friendly.


Mechanical safety:

  • Even at full load, a perfect transition is guaranteed in the joints;
  • Quick fitting union, without screws or other accessories, safe in case of shocks or vibrations.

Electrical safety:

  • Continuously safe equipotential connection without additional components;
  • Tested for EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) and transient over-intensities.


Apply indoors or outdoors, in aggressive atmospheres or under special hygienic conditions, OBO offers its entire range of products with the ideal anti-corrosion treatments and always produced in accordance with the most current European standards.

  • Application inside: Electrogalvanized and Galvanized by Sendzimir method;
  • Outdoor application: Hot dip galvanizing after machining and double coating Zinc-Aluminum (Double-Dip);
  • Special application: V2A stainless steel and V4A Stainless steel.

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