Categoria: Waterproofing, mortars and other binders




REABILITA CAL MP is a dry mortar formulated exclusively from natural hydraulic lime. It incorporates carefully selected silicon and limestone aggregates and additions, featuring particular properties of thixotropy, adhesion, chemical resistance, water vapor permeability and durability particularly adapted to the execution of dehumidified plasters indoors and outdoors. REABILITA CAL MP is dedicated to the designed application, but can be applied manually.


  • Granulometry < 3.5mm
  • Theoretical consumption of 12kg/m²/cm
  • Compressive strength of Class CS II
  • Adhesion to brick and block of 0.2 MPa/B
  • Modulus of elasticity: 2150-2550 N/mm²


REABILITA CAL MP is a macroporous mortar of high water vapor permeability, for the treatment of old masonry walls with the presence of rising humidity and hygroscopic salts. It was specially designed for conservation and rehabilitation of the building, being intended for the coating of old masonry. The REABILITA CAL MP can be applied on ceramic or stone brick masonry.
The exclusive use of Cal Hydraulic Natural binder and its special composition results in an excellent compatibility with the old supports, where in addition to physical and mechanical compatibility stands out the high chemical compatibility.

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