Categoria: Facade cladding, Filling material, Waterproofing, mortars and other binders




REABILITA CAL SCREED mortar is a filler screed in which the binder is exclusively natural hydraulic lime. Formulated from natural hydraulic lime, limestone and silicon aggregates and additions.


Solution for filling and leveling interior floors, for a sustainable construction at all stages of the new work or rehabilitation. Beige with particle size < 3.5mm has a density of 2100 kg/m³ and a theoretical consumption of 18kg/m²/cm. Its compressive strength (28 days) is 2 N/mm2 and flexural strength (28 days) > 0.8 N/mm2.


The REHAILITA CAL SCREED is especially intended for the execution of layers of filling and regularization of interior floors, constituting a layer able to receive all types of current final coatings: wood floors, ceramics, ornamental rocks, cork and vinyl, among others. The REABILITA CAL SCREED mortar is indicated for the execution of high permeability pavement systems in new works or renovations. The REABILITA CAL SCREED also integrates a system of rehabilitation of ground floors where it is intended to increase thermal and acoustic characteristics and prevent the rise of water by capillarity.

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