Categoria: Waterproofing, mortars and other binders




REABILITA CAL RJ is a dry mortar, formulated from unique binders based on natural hydraulic lime, siliceous aggregates and carefully selected limestones and additions, intended for the remaking of old masonry joints. It has particular grip properties and durability particularly adapted to the intended function.


  • Granulometry < 2.0mm
  • Compressive strength of Class CS I
  • Adhesion to brick and block of 0.2 MPa/A and B
  • Modulus of elasticity: 2250-2750 N/mm²


The REABILITA CAL RJ is used in recovery and aesthetic rehabilitation of old masonry in sight, when it is intended to respect the original appearance of that constructive element, by filling the joints between the elements. Its physico-chemical characterization allows it to have a great performance in terms of adhesion on the various types of stone elements that constitute the supports of this nature. REABILITA CAL RJ is a mortar whose application presupposes its direct exposure to rainwater, so its composition includes additions of specific agents to improve its hydrophobic properties, ensuring the breathing of the wall.

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